Our services

We are specialists in the field of offshore engineering with a focus on hydrodynamics of floating structures.

We offer full technical support in the development of innovative solutions for the utilisation of maritime renewable energies. Our services include:

  • Conducting feasibility studies to evaluate different state-of-the-art concepts

  • Optimisation of floating structures to improve the dynamic behaviour in sea state and under wind loads as well as to increase the efficiency of the system

  • Investigation and evaluation of the interaction of various effects between floating structures, with consideration of extreme loads.

  • Conception and implementation of simulation software for modelling dynamic processes due to different load cases

  • Planning and monitoring of model tests to determine the hydro- and aerodynamic properties of floating structures

  • Organisation of training programmes for engineers in the field of renewable maritime energies

  • Support in the organisation of symposia, workshops and conferences to intensify the scientific exchange in relevant technical fields.


Please contact us:

Please contact us: info@bluepower-germany.de